Prices & booking

Note that information on keys etcetera is available further down this page.

The facility can be booked either for a 24-hour period (12 noon to 12 noon) or daytime. Should you request additional hours, daily rent will apply.
During weekdays and Sundays the rent for the main building and annex may become lower than the fixed prices if you pay a price per person instead. Our terms of renting can be found here (in Swedish – please contact us for further information).

Any bookings done online must be confirmed by e-mail or phone before they are valid.

You may book the facility either online (in Swedish, click the link at the right) or by contacting the LUS office – see the Contact page.

Student prices
Student prices are applicable if at least half of the persons staying at the facility are active students at Lund University, Malmö university college, Kristianstad College or Alnarps college. Danish students at KU, CBS, DTU and RUC can also book Lillsjödal at student prices.

Cancellation cost
1 month – 2 weeks in advance: 300 SEK
2 weeks – 1 week in advance: ½ of the rent
Less than 1 week in advance: ¾ of the rent

Payment of rent is made according to invoice prior to the stay. Do not forget to specify your/your organisation’s name and the invoice number on the payment notice.

Access to the facility
The facility’s main key is acquired from the foreman Nils Åkesson, who can also answer most questions. Contakt Nils before departing to Lillsjödal and agree on a meeting time. Contact hours are evenings.